Engagement Ads by Adwords


Perfect ad campaigns start with great ads. And google’s rich media adwords ads make this possible. With Google Display Network, you can advertise in a variety of formats and sizes like text ads, static and animated image ads, rich media and video ads. You can also create your own ads in minutes using the display ad builder for free in Adwords tools.


Best Practices for Engagement Ads Design

Designing a Display ads is not as easy as it seems. A Display ad should be attractive enough that it should catch a user’s eyeballs and encourage them to interact with your brand. Some of the best practices have been listed below to make your ads more engaging and to earn brand awareness.

Create an attractive invitation state

Invitation state is that part of the ad where users engage with it by hovering on it and prompting it to expand. You must make sure that the invitation state must be attractive enough that it fetches you high engagement rate.

Call To Action (CTA)

You must try to maintain a clear and visible CTA in order to let the user know what his next step should be once he views your ad. Engagement Ads are all about having a user “engage” with your ad and a clear CTA is the most easiest way to encourage this.

A visible border

Make your Ads stand out on the web page by giving it a proper border. This will help draw user attention. Use bright colours rather than the usual black and white, as black and white are too commonly used and blend with the background being unnoticed.

Display your Logo

Showcase your logo in front of the users as much as possible in all frames or at least as many as you can. You could gain greater brand awareness, recognition and record higher than average click through rates by keeping a visible logo.

Coordination of Colors

Use the colors that are soothing to your eyes, extremely bright colors can be unpleasant and difficult to read. You could also customize the color scheme of your ad to match your image or logo.

Cast a Wide Net

Make sure that you create your Ad in every IAB standard size so that your campaign reaches all of the highest performing corners of the Google Display Network. It improves your ad’s chances of appearing everywhere. Three most common ad sizes: 300×250 (MPU), 728×90 (Leaderboard),
160×600 (Skyscraper) are always recommended for your campaigns.

Set your video to autoplay

Set your video to autoplay in the expanded form. A user has to interact with your media to view the expanded state of your Engagement Ad. So don’t make them put som more extra efforts n order to
start viewing your brands message.

Follow The Rules

There are specific rules and regulation fro building an engagement ad. Make sure you follow them to run your ads across all GDN and to gain as much exposure as possible.

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