Remarketing solutions from BlueBit Systems – We Make Your Second Impressions Count Too

So, the visitors to your site failed to convert the FIRST TIME!

Do not fret because this is quite common!

Only 2% of first-time visitors convert on an average. Just make sure they do not vanish altogether. Our Google & other Remarketing solutions may come up handy the next time they turn up on internet. Our remarketing strategies will help you to develop personalized ads that are based on their previous behavior. We will show these ads on various display exchanges targeting the audience you crave.

These days before making the final contact, the prospective buyers tend to be within three quarters of overall purchase cycle. Research, refinement, followed by the selection occurs through individual motivation. Naturally, throughout the buying process different websites get the viewer attention.

Our Re-Marketing Solution

This is a systematic process completed in different steps as follows.

  1. Prospect visits your site
  2. We track your prospect
  3. Prospect leaves your site
  4. We place personalized ads on different sites visited by the prospect
  5. Prospect returns to you

This seemingly simple process requires us to place the ads on various display networks using Google Remarketing or Adroll Retargeting platforms.



What We Do?

You can depend upon BlueBit Systems for your retargeting campaigns completely because we deliver,

  • Our creative team ensure maximum conversations through ad designs
  • Continual refining, adjustment, and proactive testing of ads
  • Campaign personalization of your choice
  • Hands on expert management of remarketing campaigns

BlueBit remarketing campaigns may involve group of ads, a single ad, or those targeting definitive interest areas. Besides this, we also offer completely personalized ads having alternative suggestions for different products.

How does Re-Marketing Work?

BlueBit remarketing solutions offer endless possibilities that entice your audience back to the site. Just decide what your desired action is going to be and we will deliver. For example, you wish to target those people who have even gone through checkout but have given up without buying anything. Or, you may be after your past customers and want to reach out with new products. Are you launching a sale anytime soon? Now you can contact your previous customers through our remarketing solutions. The possibilities as you can see are endless. The best thing about remarketing is that your audience is already familiar with your brand and the things it represents. So, when they come back through their own volition, converting them becomes quite easy.


As you can see our remarketing strategies using Google and Adroll is everything that you could hope for and more. So, are you interested to know more?  Call us today and find out!

Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA)

BlueBit Systems also provides Remarketing over search network also known as (RLSA). Remarketing List for search Ads is yet another feature introduced by Google for optimizing  your search ad campaigns for users who have visited your website in the past, and tailor your bids to these prospect users when ther are browsing on google by repeatedly showing your ads which trigger’s their interest in your product. We at BlueBit, have hot shot team with years of experience which can create serious wave in the remarketing space.


Some of our happy clients

  • soulcuisine
  • ryno
  • Harmony
  • HES

Quote from the client:

“BlueBit Systems not only met up my expectations but exceeded them substantially. The SEM team is fantastic to work with and gave outstanding results. The level of service, attention to detail, innovative thinking and patience is amazing.”

Sean Claugh, Harmony Business Supplies, USA


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    BlueBit remarketing solutions offer endless possibilities that entice your audience back to the site.

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