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Take Your Product Directly To the Doorstep of the Customers with BlueBit Local SEO!

Do you know what is the best method to increase the sales related to your local business? Take your products or services directly before your target audience. Such strategies will increase your exposure and boost sales like never before! BlueBit Systems has been helping local businesses everywhere to gain a footing and reach out to a staggering number of people.

Whatever You Do, Never Ignore Your Local Market! It Makes Bad Business Sense!

Remember, people who search for product and services locally have set their minds to purchase. So, you can close sales, simply by being there in the front of their eyes. Our local SEO strategy emphasizes on this factor before everything else. However, such strategies are not for all businesses. So, is BlueBit local SEO for you? It is mainly for businesses,

  • Serving regional customers
  • With individual ownership
  • Having nationwide chains


If you are confused regarding the viability of search engine optimization for your local business, feel free to contact us. Our specialists will sit down with you, resolve your worries, and decide a strategy that best helps your business. We understand that such SEO strategy packs huge potential and offers best management for enhanced results.

Our Local SEO Services

  • Search location-based phrases: Use of location-based phrases captures relevant traffic. It ensures optimization of landing key site pages.
  • Effective content: We emphasize on the presence of effective content both off-site and on site. This, on one hand ensures security and on the other improves organic ranking.
  • Addition of listings: Addition of listings to established and trusted citation sources will help to improve the rankings locally.
  • Local citation building: We help to build local citations using quality sources and trusted databases. This not only helps to boost SEO efforts, but also underlies brand awareness.
  • Listing on Google Places: A fully optimized listing on Google places signifies high organic rankings. Such organic rankings remains linked to your website. We ensure accurate listing for all locations with eye-catching appearance through accurate map markers, videos, images, payment options, and opening/closing times.
  • Optimization supporting Google Places: Boost, benefits associated with Google places listing through proper optimization of customer reviews, video content, and photos.
  • Relevant optimization recommendations: We will give relevant recommendations using best practices of SEO, including the use of responsive design and rich snippets. This will help you to capture your mobile audience as well.
  • Site Reviews: We will review your site to ensure optimal use of customer reviews. Remember, customer reviews count, they are part of local searches ecosystem.

In the modern business world, local and business searches are growing massively. Do not miss the opportunity to make huge profits. Contact us today to know more!

Amazing Client Review:

“Bluebit delivered smart work faster than I even needed it. And when I asked questions or for more details, Bluebit delivered again. Excellent keyword research, and ideas for how to implement on page even on a topic that was very detailed and specific. Will definitely hire again.”

Larry Davis, Carpettouch

Case Study

Carpettouch is the leading carpet cleaning services in Houston. Apart from carpet cleaning, other services that they offer are carpet repair, carpet stretching, onsite rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning and many others. Challenge was to improve the rankings in the local search. With our local SEO techniques, we were able to achieve 72.8% increase in organic search traffic & 42% increase in form leads.
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To know our capabilities, why not take a look through our client case studies.


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