Gmail Sponsored Ads

Connect with customers through an innovative and engaging Ad format and achieve your marketing goals.

What is Gmail Sponsored Promotions? (GSP)

GSP or Gmail Sponsored Promotions is a distinctive Ad type that shows up only in your personal mails under the promotions tab.

The Gmail Sponsored Ad is made up of two elements:
A Teaser Ad
An expandable Ad unit

Once you click the collapsed teaser Ad, it expands into 600×1000 (maximum) piece of html which can feature images, text links, form fields, embedded videos and click to call phone numbers.

Why shall we use Gmail Sponsored Promotions?

Google Sponsored Promotions helps you spread awareness about your brand and product thus gaining confidence. It is like another impression based advertising media which could catch the eyeballs of your potential customer. You could give your competitor a tough competition by showing Ads to those who are receiving emails from your competitor’s by a special feature that bid’s on your competitor’s domain.


Benefits of Gmail Sponsored Promotions

With Gmail Sponsored Promotions, compare review your performance for better understanding of your campaign. You can get upto 3.5% of open rate while using standard Adwords Pricing system.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions on Mobile

As the world is turning mobile it becomes crucial for you to target your customers on mobile. With GSP you can make it a point that customers devoting their full time on mobile are not forgotten while targeting your audience. As you can Reach potential customers from prominent placement in the Promotions inbox on both desktop and mobile.

You can also make your ads engaging with images, single product showcase, or multi-product showcase creatives and multiple calls to action and that too with no additional charges.

Target your audience based on their gender, geographic location, the device they use, their topic of interest and also the language they speak.

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