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Get Benefit From The Brand New Commercial Model Of Google Shopping/PLA With BlueBit Systems!

Do you know that Google Shopping has gone commercial? This brand-new Commercial Avatar brings a host of benefits to the buyers not available before. Some of the main advantages of these Ads are;

  • Users can find and buy products quicker than before
  • Connect instantly with suitable merchants
  • Enhanced shopping experience to keep buyers coming back for more

So, what changes do you need to bring to your business to enhance the shopping experience of your target customers? Create Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) to make products appear on Google Shopping. BlueBit Systems will help you create PLA’s,

  • With AdWords
  • With Merchant Center

Here also, old rules still stand. Products are ranked based on their relevance, with bidding becoming a crucial factor. Remember, for those starting out on Google Shopping, it can be a bit confusing. Some of the seemingly insurmountable hurdles that you face include determining the budget, data feeds, and good time management. When it comes to meeting challenges on latest or upgraded requirements head-to, BlueBit Systems is your friend indeed.

Make the most of bidding on PLAs

Bidding for a space on PLAs has made entry difficult for margins, no doubt. But, one should look at its upside too. BlueBit Systems will make bidding lucrative for your business by influencing your ranks on Google Shopping. Through the right strategies, we will be able to manipulate where your products rank and the exposure they garner. Now, you can list higher than your competitor’s products with us by your side. Our aim is to make your business get ahead and be noticed!

Bidding custom strategies coupled with optimization will determine the success of your PLAs. We will manage the ads on your behalf. Now, the maximum number of buyers will get to see your listings helping you maximize the ROI related to individual products.

Some of our benefits include;

  • Control the outcome through successful product placement
  • Gain control on product exposure & make the most of free traffic
  • Be one among top 3 products on Google Shopping through clever strategizing

Benefit from HOT New Features

Besides getting control over product exposure, with BlueBit Systems you can also gain from some of the fantastic new features that Google has added.

  • 360° Imaging: Through this feature, you will be able to show your product in the best light possible, and get a whooping conversion rate.
  • Catalogues: This is mostly for the apparel merchants, but now it is possible to replicate a catalogue-like experience on Google Shopping too for your non-apparel products.
  • Shortlists: Shortlists allow addition of products relevant to the business, helping them to get the exposure they desire.

Google is forever adding new features and models for the benefit of the users. Now it is up to your business to make it work to you. Contact us TODAY to know more about Google shopping & PLAs.

Case Studies

Harmony Business Supplies is an Online Business Supply store that operates in USA and Canada. The challenge was to move PLA campaign to shipping and improve conversion rate. Shopping campaign were split out at product ID level allowing us to optimise the campaigns at a very granular level. This resulted in 80% increase in conversions and 35% drop in CPA.

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Some of our happy clients

  • harmonybusiness
  • rsz
  • frozen
  • eskandri

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To know our capabilities, why not take a look through our client case studies. Then give us a call and find out how we can revolutionize your pay per click campaigns (and we know we can!).


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