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Get the Most From Your Google AdWords PPC Campaigns With BlueBit Systems!!

Do you know that Google Adwords is the most popular form of PPC campaigns? Here are the probable reasons.

  • Most effective and fastest ways to get traffic to your website
  • Google PPC allows you to tailor your budget to your sales goals
  • Top Ad placements virtually at once

So where is the hitch? Just go for it and reap the benefits! The thing is, if you don’t know anything about managing these campaigns then you are in for a fall. You will start losing money instead. Now what can you do to avoid this and earn a lucrative ROI? This is where BlueBit Systems comes in.

We have been helping clients gain the most from Google Adwords campaigns for many years now. With us by your side,

  • We constantly refine your targets
  • Substantially improve conversion rates
  • Optimize returns for small or large businesses
  • Best results in a budget and timeframe that you prefer
  • Experience- Managing PPC campaigns for more than $100,000/month
  • Being a Google partner, ensure best practices. Excellent client service on individually managed accounts

We live and breathe Pay per Click, and love what we do. What’s more, BlueBit professionals have the essential Google Adwords certification to ensure optimal results for your campaign.

You will be aware of the latest campaign development and get the results in real time. We will keep you -updated throughout. A dedicated Project Manager will work with you to understand your business targets and your expectations from the campaign. Our Adwords solutions incorporate your suggestions to build the project according to your business goals. The main benefits that you will receive are,

  • low per click costs                                        index
  • low per conversion cost
  • Higher conversions
  • High ROI

Our Process

Do you know what gives us an edge over our competitors? Proper planning, organization, and execution of your PPC campaigns that doesn’t leave scope for any loopholes! The first step for us is in-depth keyword research followed by creation of ad copy and building of ad groups. Everything is a part of your Google Adwords campaign. Filtering of target groups based upon geographical location and other criteria is time consuming. We believe in getting you positive results over time. Remember, this is no magic!

Why Choose Us?

The results that you get from us are available nowhere else. We offer,

  • Targeted campaigns so no more waste of money in running adverts
  • Campaigns to entice your mobile audience
  • Remarketing campaigns for people who were not convinced the first time
  • Target customers to your e-commerce site directly from search results with Google shopping campaigns/ product listing ads

SO Contact Us now and improvise your campaigns to improve ROI

Get FREE analysis of existing campaigns & recommendations.


A Happy Client

“BlueBit Systems not only met up my expectations but exceeded them substantially. The SEM team is fantastic to work with and gave outstanding results. The level of service, attention to detail, innovative thinking and patience is amazing.”

Sean Claugh, Harmony Business Supplies, USA

Case Studies

While Alcohol Delivery, Singapore had great history within their existing PPC campaigns, comprehensive restructuring and cleanup of their account was needed in order to further optimize and increase online sales. We also needed innovative ways to expand their Advertising efforts in order to maintain their status as a major player in their field. We Drove 8.5x ROI for overall campaign and 80% increase in sales.

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To know our capabilities, why not take a look through our client case studies. Then give us a call and find out how we can revolutionise your pay per click campaigns (and we know we can!).

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