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premierpartnerbadge-noshadow-200x68 Managing Your Investments for Better Returns!

Just pay for clicks and generate good ROI! It’s that simple isn’t it? If, that’s the way you feel about PPC campaigns you are surely in for a fall. For acquiring the RIGHT kind of customers, investing in RIGHT clicks is crucial! So, choose them wisely or you will haplessly spend more and that will result in poor ROI.

Professionals at BlueBit Systems specialize in,                                        index

  • BUILDING your PPC campaigns
  • OPTIMIZING PPC campaigns
  • MAINTAINING PPC campaigns

Be assured of maximum ROI once we are through.

We ensure a positive bottom-line through an appropriate Demographic Targeting, Emphasis on Conversions, and Reduction of Wasted Clicks. Our results remain the same whether you unleash your pay per click campaigns on Bing, Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn! Quantifiable, REAL results are no longer a distant dream when you have us to steer your marketing boat forward across PPC waters.

Our Process

We use the latest tools and techniques for a campaign creation. Simply determine the budget and communicate your Marketing Goals. Our aim is to optimize investments for ensuring the best results for your PPC endeavor. Over time, as positive, profitable results start pouring in, both the budget and the scale of your campaigns will increase. Growth in PPC leads to more investments from your side increasing returns in tandem.

We employ the latest measuring and tracking processes for delving into results garnered from every generated click. Full campaign performance visibility signifies that you see everything as it happens. Follow the progress of your PPC campaign with us from the front seat. Timely reports and feedbacks keep you in the thick of things.

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Strategy Consulting &


Detailed Reports and Feedback

Complete transparency of marketing campaigns keep us in a league of our own and separates BlueBit Systems from the competition. Based upon your requirements, get timely detailed performance reports. We always seek your feedback. So, in-depth discussions with our Project Manager keep you abreast of progress. Find proof of alignment with specific goals or targets, and suggest changes therein if needed.

Thorough tracking of visitors right from click up to conversion, allows identification of key areas to improve. Suggested on-site changes and recommendations will help to increase conversion rates substantially. Besides improving PPC traffic, our strategies and suggestions increase the overall visibility and success of your website on the Web.

Instead of concentrating on a single advertising platform, we serve your PPC ads on different sites as

  • Bing
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • LinkedIn

Besides this, we also go for display advertising using Doubleclick Network and Display Google Network. Don’t worry; we will identify the BEST online marketing platform that suits your marketing goals.

  • We have Agency support from Google to provide better advertising insights and explore new features.
  • We have Ability to run all type of campaigns on Google Search, GDN, Youtube, WAP, InApp, GSP and Google Remarketing.

Allow us to create an emphatic advertising strategy for your business! Contact us today to know more!

Amazing Client Reviews:

“BBS team provided exactly what we asked for when we asked for it. The report was very professional and the insights were spot on. His team also came in under budget which we always appreciate. Great crew that provided smart results.”

– David Mcayeya,

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To know our capabilities, why not take a look through our client case studies. Then give us a call and find out how we can revolutionise your pay per click campaigns (and we know we can!).

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