Facebook Lead Ads – A new trend in advertising world

It’s no hidden fact that Facebook is the favorite advertising platform for most advertisers. Many advertisers love face book ads because of its ease of use, vast targeting options, and simply because they generate the most leads and sales for our business.


Facebook leads


What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook rolled out lead Ads sometimes back for the purpose of lead generation through social media. They are the ultimate lead generation ad format you can say. By using a standard news feed & clicking CTA, pops up a native lead form on Facebook. The form even automatically fills things like Name and Email to save time, a user could edit these fields before submitting if they want. With such a hassle free form, the conversion rates are high and the cost per lead is lower than sending on landing page. There are more form field options than just name and email when setting up these ads


There are form field options available in the categories of…

  • Work information
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Ecommerce
  • B2B
  • Professional services
  • Health insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Need help
  • Purchase intent
  • and more!

How to set up lead ads

Creating lead ads is not less than a child’s play. Simply choose your ad creative, set your targeting and bidding type and then customize your form fields.

facebook leads2


Who’s using lead ads?

Lead ads help many types of businesses connect with the people interested in their products and services. A book publisher may use lead ads to promote his book while an automaker could encourage people to get a quote on a car.

Start collecting leads

To start hearing from your customers on mobile, set up a lead ad in Power Editor or talk to a Facebook Marketing Partner like us.

Creating lead ad forms

Facebook has crested a huge range of form editor, covering a wide range of form options. There are many standard questions which work perfectly for various industries and each question can be asked with either free text fields or with a preset list of options in a dropdown select. We use number of questions to maxamize our form conversion rates.

Benefits of lead Ads

#Creative control

Facebook advertising is one of the best display platform for social media advertisers because you have the flexibility to try new creative every week. If you didn’t like the creatives launched in your previous campaign, you can try a new one anytime.

#Audience targeting

With the help of Facebook data you could reach out people who match your customer base, and might be interested in your business. This gives you the ability to be more precise in your audience targeting.

#A/B testing capabilities

Facebook allows advertisers A/B testing, which means you could test your creatives through their new split ad testing tool. Testing your ads allow you to make changes to improve your creative and gain valuable insight to what works and doesn’t work.

Reach people on desktop or mobile

Facebook Lead ads run on both desktop and mobile, making it more easy for businesses to reach out the potential customer on any device. Advertisers can use ads reporting to see which devices their audiences use most and use the information to set the devices on which they want their lead ads delivered.