Dynamic Search Ads – Hassle free Approach Towards Search Engine Marketing

Dynamic Search Ads are not new in the Adwords world they are around from quiet a long time but has never been given the importance they deserve. Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) are just not better, but can deliver outstanding results when optimised appropriately.

What are Dynamic Search Ads?

In Dynamic Search Ads, Search Ads are shown on the basis of the content of your website unlike traditional PPC campaigns. When we create a DSA, we do not target keywords but pages from our website which Google will use to generate the ads. This reduces our time consuming task of creating and maintaining keyword list & what we have to do is just specify the pages where you want to get your Adwords traffic and Google will handle the rest.
So Why should we use dynamic search ads in our PPC campaigns?
# Easy to set up
Dynamic Search Ads brings you to a SEM world without the hassle of conducting keyword research or managing lists of thousands & thousands of keywords. Very hard to fathom, I know, but that’s exactly what DSA can do for you.

# They can run along with your search and display campaigns.
The best thing about DSA campaigns is they can run along with your search and display campaigns without creating any duplicaton issues. They can run in parallel with your other campaigns.

# A better way to find out new keywords.
As explained above how you dont need to fetch keywords in you campaigns to target instead let Google do the work for you. You could later on review the SEARCH QUERIES that triggered the DSA ads and decide which of these keywords to add in your search campaigns. You can also use search query reports to find negative keywords to include in the DSA campaign itself.

Who should use DSAs?

DSAs should be used by advertisers who’s sites host a large number of web pages.
Websites on which prices keep changing frequently.
Websites that are already running search and display campaigns and want to find out new keyword opportunities.

Who should not use DSAs?

Advertisers operating very small websites, daily deal sites, sites with customizable products, or third-party comparison shopping sites are recommended to not use DSAs