Why Call-Only Ads Should be a Part of Your PPC Campaign

The mobile landscape continues to expand and grow. Statistics from google show:

*79 % of smartphone owners use their devices to shop.

*Mobile users have transferred into mobile shoppers, and it has become all the more important to have your paid search ads.

*70 % of people searching on mobile, call a business directly from the search results.


So what’s the solution? The solution lies in making the phone ring through call-only ads!


Call Only Campaigns



Here are some reasons which would compel us to put this new feature to action:

Your Phone Number is at the Top of The Ad

In Call-Only ad format, your phone number is the first thing which is seen. It forms the headline of the advert and that too with the word “Call” included. This ad format looks more appealing and it’s likely that user will take an action as it’s highly visible with bigger font size and blue text

Prominent Call Button

The “Call” button is readily displayed next to the ad. Just a tap on mobile and the user will get connected to you – they are one click away from contacting you, and you are one click away from a potential sale

A Click = Phone Call

A click is directly translated into a phone call in Call-Only ad format. Instead of someone clicking on an ad and going to your site, you put the potential buy directly to someone they can talk to. Hence, it’s important to maximize the value of each call. Therefore, you can bid based on what the value of the call is for your business.

Create More Targeted Ads

It is very important to develop a fierce strategy for call-only ads, as the call to action is the “call” itself. Here we don’t have to focus on messages that is promoting to a call to action. This is quite different from writing our usual ad copies and requires a different focus.

Built for businesses that value phone calls

Call-only campaigns are specially designed to only trigger ads on mobile devices that can make phone calls. This means every click you pay for can be a phone call to your business.


But, before diving into call only campaigns, just take a moment to analyse what service is the customer looking for.

Is their issue immediate?

Would it make more sense for them to search from their mobile device?

Does talking to someone make them feel more comfortable to buy?

If the answer to these questions is yes, yes, and yes, then your business is a good fit for call only ads.







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