Glastonbury arts

The Glastonbury Art Guild was founded in 1962 by a dedicated group of men and women who were passionate in their commitment to the visual arts. Today, Glastonbury Arts endeavors to enrich and engage individuals in the creation and appreciation of art. It is a non-profit organization that provides art appreciation programs, art instruction, mentoring, scholarships, and art exhibitions.

We invite artists and non-artists to join Glastonbury Arts. Membership shows your support of the arts in our community, and brings you in contact with like-minded people who value their connection through the arts.

Our members may be full-time professional artists with established careers who earn their living through their art. They are joined by people who study art seriously, sell their work at shows like our annual On the Green show and who are just as likely to hold down full-time jobs in other professions.

We also count among our membership the adults and children who find their lives enriched by Art Classes sponsored and presented by Glastonbury Arts. And last, but certainly not least, are the members whose love of art and admiration of artists propels them to volunteer their time and efforts to support various Glastonbury Arts programs and special events.