Harmony Business Supplies, USA

80% increase in conversions.35% drop in CPA

Harmony Business Supplies is an Online Business Supply store that operates in USA and Canada. With over 20 years of experience in the industrial/medical/office products industry, they offer best products at discounted prices.


Harmony Business Supplies - Cleanroom, Medical & Industrial Supplies 2016-02-09 13-01-28


Some Important Facts:

Campaign Type: Google Search and Google Shopping

Average Ad-words budget- $2000/month

Average Ad Position- 2.5-3.0

Average Conversions-3-4/day

The Challenge:

  • To shift PLA campaign to shopping.
  • To improve the conversion rate of account.


We began by working with Harmony Business Supplies to build its new Merchant Feed. This was a crucial step as the information contained within the feed would be displayed in the Shopping results on channels such as Google Shopping.

On the basis of the results of our in-house tool, the campaign was refined and the budget was distributed to accommodate the best performing areas.

Shopping campaign were split out at product ID level allowing us to optimise the campaigns at a very granular level.

Rewrite Product Titles:

We also worked on optimising the product data in the feed which meant our ads showed up for more relevant search queries, allowing us to optimise individual product bids more effectively.

Split out your top-selling products

We targeted top-selling products by segmenting them into their own product group. By going this granular with top performers, we were able to control bids for high impression share.


  •  80% increase in conversions.
  • 35% drop in CPA

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Quote from the client:

“BlueBit Systems not only met up my expectations but exceeded them substantially. The SEM team is fantastic to work with and gave outstanding results. The level of service, attention to detail, innovative thinking and patience is amazing.”

Sean Claugh, Harmony Business Supplies, USA