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Drove 8.5x ROI for overall campaign in 2 months



Alcohol Delivery is a Singapore based online liquor shop which offers all kinds of liquor online such as Singapore vodka, absolut vodka, bourbon whiskey, alcoholic drinks and more. This website is all about serving wine lovers with best wine brands across the globe.
USP: 1 Hr alcohol delivery across Singapore



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The Challenge:

While Alcohol Delivery, Singapore had great history within their existing PPC campaigns, comprehensive restructuring and cleanup of their account was needed in order to further optimize and increase online sales. We also needed innovative ways to expand their Advertising efforts in order to maintain their status as a major player in their field.
Alcohol Delivery, Singapore appointed BlueBit Systems to manage its Adwords Advertising campaigns. At that time, Alcohol Delivery was spending >$2,000 per month on Adwords and earning new customers at an average cost of which has no data.  With the ultimate goal of increasing online sales and Calls month over month, Alcohol Delivery approached BlueBit Systems.


 Increase traffic and boost phone calls and online sales.

 Keep initial internet advertising budget low and get maximum out of it.


The PPC campaigns were carefully audited and major issues were identified, including:

 Keywords had low Quality Score and high Cost per Click.

 Broad match keywords brought in too much unwanted traffic.

 No negative keywords

 Irrelevant ad groups

 Generic keywords were being more advertised

 No separate campaigns for display network leading to High CPA

 No relevant Landing Pages

 Wrong timings to target the Ads. Modified PPC (pay per click) ad campaign on Google Adwords.

 Suggested to add relevant keywords in the landing pages so as to improve the quality score.


 Intensive Keyword Research having High Quality Score and Low CPC.

 Different Campaigns and Ad Groups were set up; relevant to the theme.

 Created optimized PPC ads as needed.

 Segmented the campaign performance according to day and time and made schedule to run the ads according to when the campaigns are getting maximum clicks and conversion .

Due to expensive bids on primary keywords, researched secondary keyword phrases to expand ad campaigns while maintaining low CPC (cost per click)


Significant growth exhibited across online sales & phone calls. The Project is On- Going and we have raised our target to get max out of the allotted budget.

 Drove 8.5x ROI for overall campaign

 Achieved 26.12% CTR and 20% conversion rate.

Quote from the client

“Bluebit Systems not only deliver fantastic performance results, but offer great insight and understanding of our customers that comes from their account team continually reviewing, refining and optimising our account.”

Travis Chia, Founder, Alcohol Delivery